Dispatches from the Digital Revolution


Keira Bunn (formerly Lyons), Copy Editor

Keira Lyons

Keira is an editorial project manager at a Boston-area publishing company who holds an MA in publishing and writing from Emerson College and a BA in English from Salem State University. She believes the changes we’ve seen in the industry over the last three or so years are only the tip of the iceberg—in the years to come, she is excited to participate in the new, more dynamic landscape of the publishing world. When not actively propagandizing the use of the Oxford comma, she enjoys reading, doting on her Apple devices, and playing with her two dogs.

Cailin Donoghue, Copy Editor

avatar_smallCailin is currently the Sales and Marketing Associate at a Boston-area publishing company. She graduated with an MA in publishing and writing from Emerson College in May 2012, and has a BA in Creative Writing from Ithaca College. Cailin’s major interest lies in children’s book publishing, and while she loves to see kids reading hard-copy books, she’s fascinated by the development of apps and ebooks for children.

Jenka EusebioWebsite Administrator

Jennifer, or “Jenka” as she is more commonly known, is a third-year MFA student at Emerson College, concentrating on fiction. After graduating from the University of Michigan, where she studied creative writing and literature, she moved to Japan and served as a Coordinator for International Relations with the Yamanashi Prefectural Government. Upon repatriating, she found the publishing world to be changing before her very eyes. She now finds herself witnessing the digitization of books with a mixed sense of morbid fascination and cautious optimism.

Jenna Gilligan, Copy Editor

By day, Jenna Gilligan is a publicist at a Boston-based trade publisher; by night, she’s a student in Emerson College’s publishing masters program. When she’s not enforcing serial commas, watching cat videos, signing up for another Google service, or getting lost in the labyrinth of Wikipedia, Jenna is interested in the evolving landscape of publicity and consumer culture in the digital age.

Erica Hartnett, Copy Editor

Erica is a second-year MA student in the Writing, Literature, and Publishing program at Emerson College and is taking as many electronic publishing courses as the program will allow. She holds a BA in English from Wheaton College (Massachusetts). By day, she is employed as a publishing project manager, working with business management titles. Although she admits to paying $79 a year for the free shipping and convenience of Amazon Prime, she loves her Nook Color and faithfully purchases her ebooks from Barnes & Noble.

Nicole Leete, Managing Editor

Nicole holds a BA in journalism from UMass Amherst and is working on her MA in Publishing and Writing at Emerson. After fleeing the red-eyed world of corporate event planning, she is pursuing her love of creating online content working as a Web Content Manager. Amazon got its claws into Nicole a few Christmases ago when her family set up Amazon wishlists. She was a complete goner after painlessly borrowing Kindle e-books from the Boston Public Library. Outside of work and school, you can find Nicole frolicking on the beach with her fast-growing puppy, vowing not to be one of those dog owners with their head absentmindedly in their iPhone.

Allison Mitton, Copy Editor

Allison Mitton madmen avatarAllison is a freelance editor, occasional designer, and obsessive reader recently relocated to Seattle. Receiving a BA in English language and editing at BYU followed by an MA in publishing and writing at Emerson College turned her into the biggest language nerd you’ll ever meet. As an Emerson publishing grad, the city of Amazon is still a bit foreign after feeling right at home with Boston’s great literary institutions. A little unsure where she stands in the midst of the digital revolution, Allison shipped 350+ pounds of printed books to herself during her cross-country move—would have been a lot cheaper with ebooks.

Lana Popovic, Esq., Managing Editor

Born in Serbia, Lana lived in Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria before moving to the United States for college. She attended Yale University for her undergraduate studies in psychology, and holds a J.D. from the Boston University School of Law. Lana is currently pursuing a master’s degree  in publishing and writing at Emerson College, while interning at the Zachary Shuster Harmsworth literary agency.  While paper books will always have her heart, she is essentially a magpie, easily swayed by enhanced ebooks that sparkle or do fancy things.

Zaynah Qutubuddin, Publicity

Zaynah aka ZQ was originally supposed to graduate from medical school in May 2012 but decided she wanted to focus on writing instead of medicine and graduated with an MFA in Fiction from Emerson College. She has been an avid shopper of Amazon for years, owns not a single Apple product, and uses Google the way one breathes air.

Claire Schulz Ivett, Managing Editor

Claire works in Digital Solutions at a textbook publisher. She holds a BA in French from Penn State and an MA in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College. A Google tablet recently arrived in her apartment, but she uses it to watch MacGyver on Netflix more than she uses it to read, preferring the comfort of the printed page to the glare of the screen.

Leah Thompson, Editor

Leah Thompson is a freelancer and publishing professional in the Boston area. She thinks the future lies in cross-platform compatibility, and is most interested in the role that metadata will play in future publishing operations.


David Goehring

David Goehring has enjoyed many rewarding experiences in publishing, but he swears that teaching “Amazon, Apple, and Google: Reshaping the Publishing Industry” is among the most rewarding.  He believes that the brilliant young women (and one man!) who created this blog, who manage it, and who write for it represent the very best of the future of publishing, and he is proud to be their colleague as well as their teacher.

Past Contributors:

Cate O’Rourke

Emily Picillo

Mike Pickett

Jen Bray

Molly Trover

Appazoogle was founded in December 2011 by Jen Bray, Jenka Eusebio, Erica Hartnett, Keira Lyons, Cate O’Rourke, Emily Picillo, Mike Pickett, Lana Popovic, Claire Schulz, Zaynah Qutubuddin, Leah Thompson, and Molly Trover.

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