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The calm before the storm: Will September’s press events shake up the ebook world?

Well, if one thing’s for certain, September is shaping up to be a pretty active month in the technoglobe. While I think everyone knows to expect an announcement from Apple at this point, a few other tech giants will be throwing their gadgets into the mix and kicking off the back-to-school month with some announcements of their own. So what can we expect? Seems like the focus will be on mobile devices, ereaders, and tablets. Welcome to another expensive holiday season, everybody. Here is what we can expect so far.


Amazon’s press conference will take place on September 6, but the company is not giving away any details. However, unofficially, most are expecting a new round of Kindle devices (which is probably a safe bet.) According to this Bloomberg article, it seems likely there will be at least one with a 10-inch screen.

Following six quarters of declining profit, Amazon investors are looking for the company to refresh its product line heading into the year-end holiday shopping season. The company sold fewer Kindle Fires in the second quarter than in the previous three months as customers held off on buying in anticipation of a newer version, Mark Harding, an analyst at JMP Securities LLC, said last month.

It is also likely that the new devices will include a back-lit ereader similar to Barnes & Noble’s Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. As this PaidContent article notes, “Amazon is widely expected to release its front-lit Kindle this fall, and it appears B&N has already squandered its first-mover advantage.” Due to scaling issues, B&N was unable to truly capitalize on this competitive advantage, which CEO William Lynch recognizes as a “‘missed opportunity.'” Hopefully, B&N has something up its sleeves to stay competitive.

There is also some buzz that Amazon might be debuting a smartphone, but it does sound like most bets are on Kindle.


Technically, Apple has not officially announced a date for its highly anticipated fall press event. But most people seem fairly certain that it’s happening on September 12. The two big items on the agenda? The iPhone 5 (which, apparently, will be dropping the numbering sequence to simply become the new iPhone), and the iPad Mini. On a personal note, I might finally pull the trigger and switch to the iPhone.

Anyway, the new iPhone is likely to be announced on the 12th and released on the 21st, according to Mac Rumors. But, as iMore reports, many are speculating (and unofficially confirming) that the iPad Mini will have its own announcement in October. Their sources indicate “the 7.x-inch iPad will be identical to the current 9.7-inch iPad, just scaled down, and starting at a price-point of around $200-$250.” Exciting stuff. (And I still have to wonder, between Amazon and Apple duking it out at the more affordable price point, where does that leave B&N?)

Motorola and Verizon

Obviously, the anticipated iPhone release is big news, particularly in the smartphone space. As this Mashable article indicates, the expected September 5 announcement will likely be about the Droid Razr HD. (Motorola Mobility is owned by Google.)

Nokia and Microsoft

September 5 is a busy day for mobile announcements: Nokia is expected to release its new Lumia Windows 8 smartphones. In addition, as this Examiner post states, there is speculation that a Nokia tablet announcement could be forthcoming in September as well to compete with the Samsung Galaxy.

So, while a lot of these September announcements mean new smartphones (and probably a ton more apps), the big news for those in the publishing space will be on the tablet frontier. Between new device announcements and DOJ ebook matters, the publishing space should be pretty interesting over the next few months. Of course, expect to find plenty of coverage and opinions here at Appazoogle. In the meantime, however, I’d love to hear which devices you’re looking forward to the most. Which announcements make you nervous?

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