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Have it your way: Designing your own ereader cover

In a post back in March, fellow Appazoogler Jenka Eusebio wrote about ereader covers as fashion accessories and how these customized covers have an almost irresistible, charming appeal. I have to say, I completely agree.

Recently, I stumbled on M-Edge, a site that allows you to design your own ereader covers, either by selecting pre-loaded colors and pattern options or uploading your own photos.

The site allows you to customize the front, back, and spine, and once you’re finished creating your masterpiece, you can upload your design and share it on M-Edge’s style library. Alternatively, if you’re not feeling creative that day, you can also browse the pre-designed covers and purchase from these previously designed options.

I admit, it’s pretty addicting. And of course, I had to try to make one.


The process is ridiculously easy. Although there are limited fonts, patterns, and color options to select from, you can always design your own image in Photoshop and upload it to the site. Your ereader cover can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it.

The designs in the style library put mine to shame (admittedly, I did not spend very long on it), but I love the idea. Today, customization makes the world go round. People don’t want things that just sort of work; they want products that feel like they were made just for them. And I think that’s why this concept is so smart. The price tag ain’t cheap, but I’ve seen worse, and as far as ereader accessories go, this is pretty on par with the going rate.

Right now, I’m sporting an ereader cover I purchased on Etsy, which is another source that provides endless handmade customization options. But it may soon be time for an update.

What do you have on your ereader now? What would your dream design look like?

2 comments on “Have it your way: Designing your own ereader cover

  1. R.J.Keith
    June 11, 2012

    Oh, holy crap. I just downloaded this app. YES! Pricetag nonwithstanding, my happy butt is going to be advertising my book(s) everywhere I go, now. For my iPad it’s going to be “Blood on the Quarter: The story of the Owler Nightly-Edition”‘s cover. For my (eventual) Kindle, I’m going to use the design for Red Riding II, my WWII dieselpunk. THANK YOU for posting about this. You have just made my day.

  2. Casey Brown
    June 11, 2012

    This is good to know! Don’t suppose they print on the inside cover? Seems to me that would be best as that is what people could see while you were reading the device.

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