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“Ask again tomorrow”: the future of ebook pricing

Earlier this week, I came across an infographic by Winning Edits on Digital Book World that showcased three-word summaries of publishing professionals’ predictions on the future of ebook pricing. Answers range from the democratically capitalist— “controlled by marketplace”— to the depressing— “lower, lower, free”— to the wishful— “price reflects value.”

"in three words" predictions on the future of ebook pricing, from Digital Book World


The answers are all over the board, but Jean Kaplansky’s “ask again tomorrow” seems to capture the zeitgeist of ebooks at the moment, as we see book agents challenging the DOJ ruling and technology continues to shift, as Digital Book World reports that tablets may be overtaking ereaders as consumer favorites. And let’s not forget scholarly publishing in digital—The Scholarly Kitchen points to the start of “Open Access price wars” as Open Access advocates seek ever lower publishing fees.

So what do you think—can you sum up your vision of ebook pricing in three words? Where is the future taking us?

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