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Microsoft joins B&N in ‘strategic partnernship.’ According to Tech Crunch, “The new company, referred to for the moment as Newco, will contain B&N’s digital business, as well as its College division. While Microsoft will take 17.6 percent, B&N will own 82.4 percent of the venture.” And for more, Digital Book World asks is Microsoft B&N’s white night, post DOJ lawsuit?

Putting iPads in the classroom. EContent Magazine reports that in Apple’s attempts to “reivent textbooks,” and fulfill Jobs’s dream to have all school children equipped with an iPad, Apple may also be gaining an edge in the tablet wars.

Why is Amazon so competitive? Mike Shatzkin writes an interesting blog post on what he believes are the motives of Amazon.  For more, see Teleread’s comments on Shatzkin’s column.

Writers need publishers… right? Publishing Perspectives asks, are publishers being underrated in the digital age? According to the article, “Writers really do need the support publishers provide – creatively as much as financially, and a publisher’s brand status is an important source of recognition for writers, especially amongst the community that the writer identifies with.”

Target will stop selling Kindle. The move most likely demonstrates Target’s frustrations with Amazon’s retail practices. According to Mashable, Kindle sales will be phased out in the next month. An article at Gigacom reasons, “Target may simply not want to carry a product from a major competitor. After all, this reasoning could go, why should Target serve as a store showroom for Amazon products?”


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