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Google art and tech chic

The fusion of art, fashion, and technology is just one of those peculiar things that can run from intense to commonplace cute; from brilliantly eccentric to charmingly quaint. With technology as a locus of artistic innovation, the Internet itself has become one vast, interconnected canvas.

TEAMLAB, a Japanese company that specializes in digital design and concept creation, has even experimented with art inspired by Google’s result-generating algorithm:

From “cave walls” to “paper” to “city walls,” throughout history humankind has made art on the most prevalent surface media available. For a long time, that media has been paper, and to express ourselves on paper, we have developed ink, brushes, pigments, and new artistic techniques. But now paper is no longer the most important media.

Now, the most important media is “Google.” Therefore, at TEAMLAB we draw on Google. To go beyond the limitations of expression on this new media we need to develop new tools and new skills. The art work that results will slowly fade into the virtual world. And yet, we want to share this moment with the world.

From Tokyo, We [graffiti] bomb Google…

Source:, Graffiti@Google

Jumping from digital graffiti art to items both techy and tangible, I must admit that my love for books and my current fascination with ereader covers exist in two different worlds. Books constitute the life and breath of my existence as a writer. But those stylish ereader covers…they poke at my desire to accessorize.

And here’s the catch: I don’t even have an ereader.

But the idea of giving my library a wardrobe appeals to me in ways I find mildly frightening. Why in the world would I want to “dress up” my books? Sure, I’m skeptical and yet I’m still drawn to the growing palette of options: Kate Spade New York, Moleskine, Juicy Couture, Rebecca Minkoff, LeSportsac—not to mention the variety of designs I would choose from to match my mood. Or clothing. Or bag. Or horoscope. Or current read.

Clearly, it was a mistake to underestimate the allure of fashion.






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