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A new kind of pinup: Pinterest among top referral sites

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Want to be read? A recent article from Shareaholic highlights the top online referral sites, showing Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google, Twitter, and Pinterest as the top five drivers of referral traffic in January 2012.

“Referral traffic” is the online version of word-of-mouth marketing. It’s what happens, for example, when you tweet a link to your blog and people click through to read the post. Each individual who clicks through that link to land on your site counts as one referral. Referral traffic is important because it involves no effort for a marketer, publicist, or self-promoter.

So that makes these five sites the places to be online. And this month one of the front-runners has created a buzz across the blogosphere. Last July, Pinterest was responsible for only 0.17% of referral traffic; in January, they accounted for a whopping 3.6%—that’s an increase of over 2100% in six months.

What does this mean for the publishing world? A number of blogs have popped up to cite these statistics and offer strategies for taking advantage of this social network: the Ebyline blog has some great tips for writers on Pinterest, and Idio outlines some helpful Pinterest branding strategies.

Meanwhile, the skyrocketing success of Pinterest has edged out other referrers, such as Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube, from the top five—though they still number in the top ten.

And armed with this knowledge, I’m now setting off to brave the wilds of the heretofore unexplored Pinterest. Have a board I should see or advice for starting out? Comment about your Pinterest experience. Is it worth the hype?

Update: CNBC posted a recent article about Pinterest and small businesses

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  1. pinterest followers
    January 13, 2013

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