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Fire’s out?

I recently wrote a post for another blog about this article. In summary, Amazon customers seem less than thrilled with  the Kindle Fire. According to this blogger’s study of Kindle Fire reviews on Amazon, 13 percent of Fire users are unhappy with the device. And although Amazon is a bit opaque about device sales, the blogger suspects this could translate to half a million devices returned by unsatisfied customers, based on an estimated shipping rate of 3.9 million Kindle Fires.

Granted, this may not be the most scientific study of customer satisfaction—but if it is just the biased rant of a Kindle-hater, it still brings us an important lesson. Amazon’s refusal to announce sales numbers is making people antsy, and consumer loyalty to Apple products can be almost militant. Will Amazon see its product drug through the mud—deserved or not—if they fail to back up their product’s reputation with strong sales figures?

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